From a background in sociology and cultural sciences, I study how humans, society and technology interact with each other. Currently I’m head of a Research Group at TU Chemnitz and principal investigator in three more research projects, one of which is focussing on alternative applications for healthcare robotics.

As a graduate student I began to establish interdisciplinary ties with colleagues from other disciplines. Today, I’m part of a broad interdisciplinary network in Media and Communication Studies, Human-Machine Interaction, Sociology, Media Informatics, Design Methods, Science and Technology Studies and Sociogerontology.

Following my PhD, I joined an interdsiciplinary research group with focus on integrating users in design processeses for the Internet of Things. In this group, I focussed on the methodologies of „Living Labs“ and Co-Design and conducted several field phases in Chemnitz and Leipzig. In 2018, I received a grant by the German ministry of education and research (BMBF) to establish a „CityLab“ in Chemnitz, to explore the design space for IoT applications with people.

In 2019, I co-founded the „Network for Integrated Research“, which is part of the German federal High Tech Strategy. As an advocate for transdiciplinary and interdisciplinary research, I try to sensitize research policy and public funders for the chances and challenges of integrating people in technology development.

current projects