The central concern of my teaching is to further develop students‘ ability to work and research independently and to apply this potential to new challenges. Regardless of the concrete forms of teaching, a basic feature of my university teaching is to build up an open and communicative relationship with the students. My goal is to create an atmosphere and attitude that is characterized by curiosity and interest even when dealing with challenging topics or texts. Such an attitude also includes encouraging students to start own empirical work. Despite all the effort, this will result in surprisingly good work early on.

In order to encourage such developments, I continuously work with colleagues on projects and teaching formats that support the scientific work of students and young scientists. These include integrated teaching research projects such as „Media and Refugees“ (2015-17), „HCI in the Wild“ (2017-18), or the Podcast project „Sprechen, Hören Denken“ (2019-2021) for whose conception and integration into the curriculum I received the Teaching Award of the Saxonian State in 2016 together with Dr. Vivien Sommer. Furthermore, the development of new working and presentation formats of scientific analysis, like blogs (2013) and podcasts, is a central topic of my teaching.

Supervised theses

Bachelor Theses (11)

  • B.A. Media Communications 9 (since 2015)
  • B.Sc. General Computer Science 2 (since 2017)

Master Theses (10)

  • M.Sc. Digital Work 3 (since 2021)
  • M.A. Digital Media and Communication Cultures 7 (since 2017)
  • M.Sc. Computer Science for Humanities & Social Sciences 3 (since 2016)

PhD Projects

  • Sociology of Technology 2 ongoing (since 2022)


I teached a total of 21 courses in more than 11 different study programms for 5 different academic institutions in Germany and Canada. Thereby, I planned and held lectures, seminars, semester projects and tutorials.

22/23Forschungswerkstatt TechniksoziologieKolloquium, 2 SWSTU ChemnitzB.Sc. Soziologie, M.Sc. Digitale Arbeit
22/23Einführung in die TechniksoziologieVorlesung, 2 SWSTU ChemnitzB.Sc. Soziologie, several
20Sprechen, Hören, Denken: Leipziger Podcast-Ethnografie, pt. 2Seminar, 2 SWS, w/ PD Dr. Thomas Schmidt-LuxUni LeipzigM.A. Cultural Studies
19/20Sprechen, Hören, Denken: Leipziger Podcast-Ethnografie, pt. 1 Seminar, 2 SWS, w/ PD Dr. Thomas Schmidt-LuxUni LeipzigM.A. Cultural Studies
19 Forschungsvertiefung: Digitale Transformation von ArbeitSemester project, 4 SWS, w/ Dr. Philipp LorigTU Chemnitz M.A. Digital Media and Communication Cultures
19Einführung in die Kommunikations- und Mediengeschichte Lecture, 2 SWSTU Chemnitzall B.A. programms of Philosophy Faculty
18/19Leben mit RoboternSeminar, 2 SWS, w/ Prof. Christian PentzoldStudienstiftung d. dt. Volkes, Akademie RoggenburgScholars from diverse B.A. and M.A. programs
18HCI plus! – Agents & Interfaces Seminar, 2 SWS, w/ Prof. Götz BachmannLeuphana University B.A. Digital Media
18Reportage, Feuilleton, Podcasts und die Soziologie Seminar, 2 SWS, w/ Dr. Thomas Schmidt-Lux Uni LeipzigB.A. Cultural Studies, M.A. Cultural Studies
17/18Théorie classique: Reportage, feuilleton et sociologieSemester project, 4 SWS, w/ Prof. Barbara ThériaultUniversité de Montréal B.A. Sociology, M.A. Sociology, PhD Sociology
17/18HCI in the WildSeminar, 2 SWSLeuphana University B.A. Digital Media
17 HCI in the WildSemester project, 4 SWS TU Chemnitz & Uni Leipzig B.Sc. Computer Science, M.Sc. Computer Science for Humanities, B.A. Cultural Studies
16 Medien und Asyl – Interaktions- und Kommunikationsformen mit neuen Medien Seminar, 2 SWS, w/ Dr. Vivien Sommer TU ChemnitzB.A. Media Commuinication, M.A. Media Communication
15/16Medien und Asyl – Qualitative Auswertungsmethoden Semester project, 4 SWSTU Chemnitz B.A. Media Communication, B.A. Intercultural Communication
15Medien und Asyl – Qualitative ErhebungsmethodenSemester project, 4 SWS TU ChemnitzB.A. Media Communication, B.A. Intercultural Communication
12/13 & 13/14 Grundlagen der qualitativen empirischen Sozial- & Kommunikationsforschung (2x)Seminar, 2 SWS TU ChemnitzB.A. Media Commuinication
13 & 14Bloggen als Praxis (3x) Tutorial, 2 SWSTU ChemnitzB.A. Media Communication
2007-10 4 Tutorial in Cultural Sociology Tutorial, 2 SWSUni LeipzigB.A. Cultural Studies

Didactic Lectures and Workshops

I regularly give lectures and workshops on didactic topics in order to further professionalize university teaching and its quality management.

  • Workshop „Interdisciplinarity as key competence“, Lit.Shortcut, HTW Dresden, 24.02.2020
  • Keynote „How much digitisation does higher education really need?“, TUCdigital, Days of digital higher education, TU Chemnitz, 14.01.2020
  • Workshop „Digital Literacy in University Teaching“, Teaching Day HS Mittweida, Mittweida, 06.11.2019
  • Lecture „The LLP Media and Asylum as Integrated Service Learning“, 48th annual conference of the dghd, Leipzig, 06.03.2019
  • Workshop „Interdisciplinarity as a key competence“, Lit.Shortcut, University of Leipzig, 14.06.2018
  • Lecture „Service Learning through participative methods“, HDS Forum 2018, Leipzig, 13.04.2018
  • Workshop „Digital Teaching and Learning“, Teaching Day HS Mittweida, Mittweida, 18.01.2018
  • Workshop „MINT meets GSW: Interdisciplinarity as key competence“, Lit.Shortcut, TU Chem-nitz, 27.11.2017
  • Lecture „Service Learning through participative methods“, HDS Forum 2017, Leipzig, 10.11.2017